Drum Magnet DFRT

Drum Magnet DFRT – ensures top quality of finished food products.

- Excellent product hygiene
- Low maintenance
- Highest reliability

Drum Magnet DFRT

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler drum magnet DFRT is designed to remove ferrous items from granular or mealy products. It is applied in the feed manufacturing industry, flour milling, as well as in oil mills and other areas involving similar products. Excellent hygiene of end products via continuous self-cleaning.
  • A quality product starts with hygiene. The magnetic core installed in the drum magnet separator's rotating drum provides continuous self-cleaning of metal contaminants from material streams. This continuous removal of metal contaminants ensures the excellent hygiene and quality of the end product.

Clever design for convenient low maintenance.

  • The drum magnet separator is low maintenance: metal contaminants need only be periodically cleared from the iron outlet. 
  • The adjustable segment-type feed gate makes selection of the desired material flow depth easier to handle.
  • The large access door makes maintenance and inspection more convenient.

Highest reliability through powerful magnets.

  • The drum magnet DFRT provides steady and reliable separation thanks to the highest quality permanent magnets. They ensure that magnetic force is retained without time limit or supervision, resulting in dependable removal of metal contaminants. 
  • Sophisticated design for optimal separation efficiency.


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