Rotosort™ Drum Grader DRGA

Rotosort™ Drum Grader DRGA - accurate and efficient grading.

- Flexible application
- Efficiency and precision
- High sanitation standards

Rotosort™ Drum Grader DRGA

The Bühler Rotosort™ drum grader DRGA is designed for grading granular products into fractions. It is used mainly in the food industry to size raw materials, intermediate and finished products in processing rice, cereals, oil seeds, pulses (legumes), nuts, coffee beans and cocoa beans. Highly flexibility thanks to modular design.
The modular design of the Rotosort™ drum grader makes it easily adaptable to the specialised needs of production processes in the food industry. The drum grader is very versatile. It can be used for different raw material of varied granular size.

Highly efficient through accurate grading.
The silent and very reliable timing belt of the drum grader works maintenance free and enables an efficient transmission of drive to modular units. The speed adjustment ensures an efficient adaption of screen revolution as well as optimised separation of products by use of gear motors. This results in an accurate grading process and ensures maximum output.

Residue-free production thanks to top sanitation.
The integrated cleaning brush rotates with the drum to provide continuous cleaning, which allows for residue-free production.


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