Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSV

Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSV – Accurate feeding of free-flowing products.

- Precise feeding
- Good sanitation
- High operating reliability

Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSV

The double slide-gate feeder MWSV allows for accurate feeding of free-flowing products such as grain, semolina or feed pellets into weighing systems. This Bühler component operates at high precision and is suitable for a wide range of applications. High feeding precision for a broad capacity range
  • Feeding with the MWSV is done in two separate modes: fast and dribble flow. This ensures accurate dosing over a broad capacity range, even with high performance requirements.

Good sanitation thanks to an optimized design

  • The geometry of the MWSV is designed for an unobstructed product flow. This minimizes the settling of residue and facilitates thorough sanitation.

Sturdy construction ensures high operating reliability

  • The sturdy construction reduces susceptibility to malfunctions. This guarantees a high level of operating reliability.


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