Differential Dosing Scale MSDA/MWBO

Differential Dosing Scale MSDA/MWBO – regulation and measurement of the highest precision.

- Highest measuring accuracy
- Top hygiene
- Minimal maintenance
- High throughput capacity

Differential Dosing Scale MSDA/MWBO

Continuous processes involving the processing of flours, semolinas or brans can be accurately measured and regulated with the differential dosing scale MSDA/MWBO. On the one hand, it can be employed as a volumetric flow meter: In this function, the differential scale is able to measure the weight and capacity of a given material stream. As a volumetric flow meter, a pre-selected throughput can, on the other hand, also be accurately proportioned; in this case, total weight is registered. Aside from its use as an input scale or check scale, applications include the production of blends and the preparation of a product quantity (batch) in manufacturing processes. With throughputs of 0.2 m3/h to 60 m3/h, the dosing scale covers a broad capacity range. State-of-the-art technology for highest measuring precision.
  • Thanks to the MEAG universal control unit with its intelligent weighing algorithms, accurate dosing results are guaranteed.
  • Because the weigh hopper is suspended at three points, a high level of stability in the weighing cycle is ensured. 
  • The high quality measuring cells guarantee superior measurement precision.

Minimized dust zones for excellent product purity.
Due to the optimal design of all parts that come in contact with the material, dust zones are virtually eliminated. This improves the purity of the product.

Low maintenance requirements thanks to optimized design.

  • The absence of lubrication points on the differential dosing scale MSDA/MWBO results in lower maintenance requirements. 
  • Thanks to easily replaceable system components, elements can be changed quickly and conveniently as required. 
  • The use of extremely high-quality seals positively influences the service life of the bearings.

Delivers high performance and outstanding dosing consistency. 

  • The components of the differential scale are designed specifically for the product. This provides maximum capacity and high dosing consistency in every application. 
  • Optimal product flow control within the scale results in even greater dosing consistency. 
  • The differential dosing scale MSDA/MWBO comes equipped with a frequency- controlled drive that allows for optimal regulation of capacity.