BuhlLadle - Ladling device for precise dosing

- Easy to use
- Flexible in its application
- Very economical


BuhlLadle is a sturdy and simply constructed metal dosing device designed for use in Bühler die casting cells. It allows for very precise ladling for short cycle times. The device is available in three sizes and is able to ladle up to 60 kg of aluminum. Easy to use
  • The ladling device is integrated in the Bühler Datanet and DataView casting cell control system. This makes it uncomplicated to use during production and for retrofitting.

Flexible in its application

  • Large horizontal paths and height adjustment with an optional tilt provide a high degree of freedom for setting it up. 
  • Much better accessibility to the filling opening as opposed to the use of portals increases its flexibility.

Very economical

  • The BuhlLadle metal dosing device provides highly consistent dosing as well as a suitable and highly durable RFM ceramic ladle. This makes production very economical.

Data and designs

Dosing quantities 0.5 to 60 kg (Al)/cycle
Dosing accuracy Up to +/- 1.5%
Areas of application   
Fits machine types Evolution and Carat
and machine sizes from 2'600 to 44'000 kN



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