Grain Cleaner and Separator AAOS

Grain Cleaner and Separator AAOS – cleaning to perfection.

- Separation and aspiration in one step
- Optimal cleaning
- Compact design for top efficiency

Grain Cleaner and Separator AAOS

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. Bühler's grain cleaner and separator AAOS is designed to purify several different kinds of oilseeds and grains. It also separates hulls from cracked seeds. Its main application is in the oilseed processing and grain storage and processing industries. Combines separation and aspiration in a single step.
The grain cleaner and hull separator AAOS is extremely versatile. The design of the AAOS enables the unit to be applied both in cleaning and hull separation. While the sieves of the AAOS purify all kinds of oilseeds, its attached aspiration channel MVSE removes hulls and other light particles.

Engineered to ensure optimal cleaning.
The unit delivers perfectly clean oilseeds and grains. A distributing plate provides for full utilization of the sifting surface. Two layers of circular actuated, exchangeable sieves eliminate both coarse and fine impurities, ensuring best product quality. Attached pneumatic knocking hammers avoid sticking of product and keep the inside of the sieve box clean.

Compact design for top efficiency.
The grain cleaner and separator delivers dependable results at high capacities. Thanks to its compact steel design and intelligent cleaning and separating process, the unit achieves a superior capacity-to-space ratio.


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