Impact Dehuller DOSB

Impact Dehuller DOSB – for efficient multi-seed impact dehulling.

- Customizable operation
- Smooth dehulling for low fines
- Excellent durability

Impact Dehuller DOSB

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. Bühler's vertical impact dehuller DOSB is used for oilseed dehulling in the production of edible oil for the food processing industry. It is designed to increase oil production efficiency and oil yield through gentle dehulling of sunflower seeds. It is also capable of processing a wide variety of other seeds. Highly versatile, customizable operation.
The impact dehuller DOSB can be customized for use with a variety of products including soybeans, sunflower seeds, cottonseed and rapeseed. Key element is the adjustable impact cone, which gently cracks and separates seeds from the hulls. It ensures optimal fibre content for the subsequent oilseed processing steps.

Safe Processing – Extended Durability.
The vertical impact dehuller contains an adjustable feeder with permanent magnet for removing foreign ferrous particles. This allows for high quality product and extended machine lifetime.


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