CompactMix™ – high-performance, reliable fat mass system of compact modular design.

- Optimal grinding result
- High flexibility
- Convenient operation
- Easy to clean


The Bühler CompactMix™ enables a wide variety of compounds and specialty masses from white to dark to be produced. Up to 100 recipes can be saved in a centralized memory of the control system. The machine is made up of a mixing tank and a production tank plus a powerful grinding system in the form of a NovaTM ball mill. Depending on the specific product and the required degree of fineness, it is capable of processing between 500 and 3400 kg/h, either on a batch or in a continuous based production process, as required. High flexibility in satisfying customers’ needs.
  • This fat mass system is tailored to the individual customer requirements. It is distinguished by its high degree of flexibility, allowing a wide range of different masses to be processed.
  • Thanks to its standardized components, the CompactMix™ can be expanded with superior ease.

Top grinding result thanks to reliable production controls.

  • The material throughput rate, product temperature, and energy input are monitored on a permanent basis. The Nova™ ball mill thus ensures efficient and uniform grinding of the mass being processed.
  • The tried and true annular gap ensures a consistent grinding result with the optimal particle size distribution– making for products of top quality.
  • For efficient cooling, the surfaces of the heat exchangers are very generously sized. This ensures accurate temperature monitoring and thus the best possible product checking.

Centralized process control for convenient operation.

  • The entire production process can be conveniently controlled through a touch-panel.
  • For expansions, modular components can be integrated in the centralized control system.
  • The Nova™ process monitoring system can also be operated through the CompactMix™.

Easy cleaning through optimized design.

  • Thanks to the compact design, only minimal product residues are left over in the system. Recipe changes therefore require only a short time.
  • Optimal tank discharge, a short piping length, and a low grinding chamber volume make it easier to clean the system. The time required for cleaning and maintenance is thus minimized.


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