Cold stamping system CoolCore™

Cold stamping system CoolCore™ – for innovative and accurate shell geometries.

- Excellent quality
- High productivity
- High economy
- Long end product shelf life
- Leak-proof connection between shell and lid

Cold stamping system CoolCore™

The Bühler Bindler cold stamping system CoolCore™ offers entirely new possibilities in the production of chocolate shells as an alternative to conventional centrifugal processes (wet shell formation): accurate weight, regular geometry, and uniform wall thickness. Imaginative and demanding creations can be quickly and efficiently produced with CoolCore™. Patented process for accurate shells of excellent quality.
  • The patented process for distributing and degassing the mass – just after product deposit feed and just before stamping – prevents air entrapments in a highly effective manner.
  • Fast stamping using a special cooled die allows shells to be formed with top precision. The weight, geometry, and wall thickness are absolutely accurate – ensuring premium-class chocolate products.
  • The uniform wall thickness improves the visual appearance of the product because fat bloom is retarded. Moreover, the homogeneous shells offer consumers a better “bite” than is achieved with those produced by a conventional process.

Elevated productivity through high cycle rate.
Stamping devices arranged inline, which move along synchronized with the moulds, ensure an optimal stamping retention time. Compared with conventional the conventional centrifugal shell forming process, it allows a constant and more uniform quality at a similar capacity.

Multiple stamping head FlexiStamp™ and accurate product deposit for economical operation.
The innovative multiple stamping head FlexiStamp™ and an extremely precise deposit system requiring only a small volume of mass that must be returned or circulated offers enormous commercial benefits: Fast format changes, reduced tempering capacity, and lower energy and cleaning requirements significantly trim production costs.

CoolCore™ – innovative process for achieving a long shelf life.
Quality tests have shown that shells produced with the cold stamping system CoolCore™ are less prone to fat migration than conventionally made ones – this increases the shelf life of chocolates with fillings containing oil.

Perfect shell geometry for optimal product filling.
The high precision of the shell geometry ensures an absolutely leak-proof bonding between the shell and the backing – for high-quality filled chocolates.


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