HV (Horizontal-Vertical) and VV (Vertical-Vertical) Machines

HV (Horizontal-Vertical) and VV (Vertical-Vertical) Machines

- Squeeze casting ready
- Customized solutions
- Optimized quality and low porosity castings
- Manufactured in the USA

HV / VV Machines

Liquid Metal Squeeze cast systems from 400 to 4000 tons have been designed for Horizontal lock/Vertical injection, or for Vertical lock /Vertical injection systems. High pressure injection systems combined with closed loop velocity and pressure control allow the casting die to be filled at a very precise velocity, providing for very low metal turbulence throughout the cavity fill phase. Final intensification pressure can be increased during part solidification, eliminating the chance for part flashing while providing the maximum final pressure.

Special die spray systems have been designed for the application of high solids die spray material, to provide an insulating barrier between the die and the molten aluminum.

A Full-Sleeve casting system is also offered by BühlerPrince, this can be retrofitted onto existing die casting machines. This provides the ability to inject aluminum into the die with no air in the cold chamber.


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