Chopping system Barth CM

Chopping system Barth CM – efficient chopping of nuts, almonds and other foods.

- Optimal chopping result
- Easy operation
- Easy maintenance

Chopping system Barth CM

The chopping system Barth CM is a continuous process developed by Bühler Barth in which the product is crushed between rotating rolls. This enables an optimal yield to be achieved for a required particle size distribution. The chopping system Barth CM can be applied for a wide variety of products: From hazelnuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, and almonds plus other oilseeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, and melon seeds to chocolate, croquant, caramel, and cocoa nibs, it offers unsurpassed flexibility. Compared with the cutting process, energy consumption is very low. High-precision crushing system for optimal chopping result. 
  • During crushing, the product passes between three roll pairs arranged one on top of the other. The special surface texture of the rolls allows highly accurate selection of the desired particle size distribution from coarse to fine – for obtaining an optimal chopping result. 
  • The yield of product with the required particle size distribution is extremely high. In addition, the result is reproducible, thus ensuring a consistent product quality.

Easy roll setting through convenient devices. 

  • All three parallel roll pairs are provided with adjusting spindles. They enable the clearance between the engaged rolls to be continuously (infinitely) adjusted as required. 
  • Hand wheels allow also the particle size distribution to be selected quickly and conveniently. Support is provided by a mechanical transmitter with digital display.

Low maintenance and long service life thanks to crushing principle. 

  • Unlike cutting systems, the crushing rolls are extremely low in wear and very durable. 
  • The rolls of the chopping system Barth CM are insensitive to foreign objects such as stones or pieces of wood. This minimizes its proneness to trouble and pays off in the form of an increased operational availability of the machine.


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