ChocoStar™ Compact

ChocoStar™ Compact – flexible moulding line in modular design.

- Reliable technology
- Modular configuration
- Hygienic design
- High efficiency

ChocoStar™ Compact

The new ChocoStar Compact is a standardized moulding line with modular design engineered for highest flexibility and increased efficiency. This applies to the type of design and the overall effectiveness of the moulding line as well as to the short delivery times and the very attractive price. The modularity construction has the significant advantage that retrofitting and converting are simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient. For example, with only a few modules you can expand from a solid moulding line to a shell moulding line.

The flexibility of the ChocoStar Compact lies in the diversity of options. There are more than 40 different modules, beginning with modules for different depositing methods and shell forming processes, up through different filling and inclusion feeding possibilities.

The ChocoStar Compact grows with you and your demands. It can be individually retrofitted and aligned to meet your spatial requirements.

Additional highlights are – aside from the shorter delivery times and the very attractive price – the energy-saving servo-drive concept, the innovative hygiene concept, and the economical quick-change system of the depositing and stamping units.


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