Check Scale MSDP

Check Scale MSDP – for dynamic weighing of storage containers.

- Precise weight checking
- No production stoppages
- Low space requirements
- User-friendly

Check Scale MSDP

With its check scale MSDP, Bühler offers a calibratable, high-performance weighing system for the weight checking of bags and containers. The weight of the units being checked can range from 10 to 50 kg.

High-performance weighing system provides precise weight control.
The calibratable weighing system ensures a high degree of weighing accuracy for containers with a weight of between 10 and 50 kg.

Automatic ejection of irregular bags without interrupting the production.
An automatic ejection function integrated into the check scale MSDP separates out bags whose weight deviates from the correct value, automatically and without disrupting production.

Space-saving design for easy integration into existing plants.
Bühler's check scale excels through its compact design and allows for feeding of the containers from the right or left as desired. Thanks to its flexibility and low space requirement, the unit can be easily integrated into existing plants.

Convenient operation and maintenance thanks to a user-friendly design.

  • With the user-friendly MEAG control panel, which is mounted directly onto the bracket of the ejection unit, the scale offers convenient operation.
  • All wearing parts of the check scale MSDP are very easily accessible. This makes machine maintenance easy.