Ceres dryer for coated cereal

Ceres dryer for coated cereal — higher sanitation and production.

- Clean, safe food production
- Significantly reduced cleaning times
- Maximized production
- Energy efficient

Ceres sanitary dryer for coated RTE cereal products

Coated cereal drying has just taken a huge leap forward.

The new Bühler Ceres is a state of the art dryer designed for the clean, safe production of coated RTE cereal products. Improved performance, energy efficiency, and maximized production are the results of a game-changing design brought about by an active collaboration with cereal processors from around the world. Clean, safe food production
With four patents pending and more than 30 other innovations, the Ceres provides the highest level of sanitary production for coated RTE cereal products available on the market today. Traditional technologies have been completely rethought, and standard convention has been replaced at every step of the design process, from the sophisticated chainless conveyor system to the simplicity of tool-less connections and sanitary door latches. Construction materials have been considered throughout, resulting in more hygienic product contact surfaces, and more reliable, better-performing and lower risk components like roller bearings and conveyor side guides. Manufacturing techniques and processes have been retooled and revamped to produce a dryer that lowers the risk of contamination at every opportunity, from an open channel frame structure that eliminates tubes, to more hygienic welding technologies that reduce growth areas for contaminants. These factors and many more combine to create the very best in hygienic design for the drying of coated cereal products.

Maximized production
The unique design of the Ceres dryer allows for a high velocity airflow unrivaled in current technologies. This means more production can be packed into a smaller footprint, reducing the need for valuable factory floor space. Effectively managing this increased airflow also provides the opportunity to more efficiently, uniformly and consistently produce product to specification, resulting in higher yields and better product quality.

Significantly reduced cleaning times
Pitched floors and roofs, integrated CIP system, continuous belt washing system, comprehensive water management system and dozens of other hygienic design elements combine to not only reduce the average cleaning downtime from 8 hours to 2 hours, but also significantly increase the effectiveness and ease of cleaning. Even with challenging products like sugar coatings, the Ceres is able to be thoroughly cleaned in far less time than existing technologies, allowing processors to quickly change products without risk of cross contamination.

Energy efficient
Energy efficiency is critical in today’s production lines. The new Ceres takes advantage of the latest technologies and combines them with well thought out design to minimize utility costs. From the new direct drive fans, to internal baffles, air curtains, insulated doors, floors and roofs, every step of the product and air flow has been reimagined to increase both energy and operational efficiency.

Ceres_Imagebox 16214 The Ceres dryer significantly reduces downtime required for cleaning challenging products like coated cereal. And more than 30 innovations provide maximized production while using less floor space and energy.


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