Bühler DR Optical Sorter.

Bühler DR Optical Sorter. - Stable and consistent optical sorting for rice.

- Stable and consistent performance
- Simple ease of use
- Trusted Bühler design and reliability
- Performance with great value

Bühler DR optical sorter

Stable and consistent optical sorting.

Purposely designed as a cost effective rice sorting solution for processors looking for a reliable optical sorting solution for rice. High processing capacity
Available with up to 7 chutes in two different machine frame sizes and delivering capacities of up to 10 tonnes per hour.
Featuring Bühler developed processing software and gross defect recognition. The Bühler DR is built to deliver a consistent, reliable sorting performance.

Consistent product quality
Reliable defect recognition is achieved by combining Bühler’s durable solid state LED lighting system with fixed backgrounds and low voltage vibration, producing consistent throughput across the sorter.
Reliable, long-life components work to ensure the Bühler DR operates at peak performance over a longer period of time.

Simple ease of use
Bühler’s proprietary operating software is accessible through a simple to use graphical user interface. The Bühler DR comes with 9 pre-defined sorting modes which can be stored for fast product change over removing the need for laborious manual set-up. Alerts and performance monitoring are available for review at any time.

Reliable performance
The Bühler DR allows for flexible configuration for primary, secondary or tertiary sorting set-up. This allows for consistent accept quality and minimised product re-circulation; maximising revenue and reducing wear.

Trusted Bühler design and reliability
Designed and constructed to Bühler’s high quality standards. Bühler’s network of local, trained engineers are also available for fast maintenance and service repairs while our fully stocked spare parts depots aim to deliver in 48 hours – minimum downtime and reduced costs.
The Bühler DR is an optical sorter for processors seeking ownership, assurance and the functionality of Bühler’s optical sorting heritage and technology at an affordable price.

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