Bühler W range

Bühler W range - Cost-effective, high-capacity optical sorting.

- High processing capacity
- Industry proven
- Trusted Bühler design and reliability

Bühler W optical sorter

Cost-effective, high-capacity sorting.

A trusted, high capacity optical sorting solution for a variety of commodities. The Bühler W range allows processors access to Bühler’s optical sorting technology and processing expertise while delivering accurate and reliable quality, cost effectively.

  • Cost effective, high capacity processing
  • Trusted Bühler design and quality
  • Balanced, reliable sorting performance

The Bühler W is the first choice for processors seeking ownership, assurance and functionality of Bühler’s optical sorting heritage and technology at an affordable price.

High capacity processing
Offering up to 7 high capacity chutes and featuring Bühler developed processing software and enhanced defect recognition. The Bühler W is built to the highest standard to deliver a consistent, reliable, high capacity sort performance.

Industry proven Bühler optical sorting technologies
The Bühler W range features multiple options of inspection technology, tertiary sorting capabilities and reliable components to provide processors with dependable colour sorting at high capability.

Trusted Bühler design and reliability
Designed and constructed to Bühler’s high quality standards. Bühler’s network of local trained engineers are available for fast maintenance and service repairs while our fully stocked spare parts depots aim to deliver in 48 hours – minimum downtime and reduced costs.

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