Brushing machine SHB

Brushing machine SHB – effective and gentle removal of testa skin.

- High-capacity and gentle product processing
- Outstanding removal of skins
- Stable process
- High reliability

Brushing machine SHB

In order to ensure high-quality results in nut processing, gentle removal of the skins is eminently important. The ideal piece of equipment for this purpose is the Bühler Barth brushing machine SHB. It is applied for removing the testa skins of lightly as well as intensely roasted hazelnuts and peanuts. Gentle and high-capacity brushing process thanks to optimal design. 
  • The belt conveyor powered by a frequency-converter-controlled gearmotor minimizes product agitation during the brushing process. Three inline brush sets gently and effectively remove the skins from the nuts in a single pass. 
  • The brush sets are height-adjustable and can therefore be quickly and easily adjusted to suit different nut sizes. 
  • Depending on the specific product, capacities of up to 2 t/h can be achieved.

Efficient aspiration system for excellent removal of skins and dust.
The four exhaust connections of the aspiration system can be individually adjusted and remove the skins and dust in a highly effective way during the cleaning process.

Continuous brushing for stable process control.
The intelligent design allows flexible and automatic adjustment of the brush sets – product flow fluctuations are thus immediately balanced and the brushing process is stabilized.

High dependability thanks to continuous process monitoring.
Product processing is very reliable, as Plexiglas windows in the brushing machine allow continuous visual inspection of the entire brushing process and of the aspiration system.


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