Impact Bran Finisher MKLA

Impact Bran Finisher MKLA – for increasing flour yield.

- Increases flour yield
- Easy maintenance
- Maximum flexibility

Impact Bran Finisher MKLA

Bühler's impact bran finisher MKLA removes adhering flour particles from the bran, thus increasing flour yield at the mill. The bran finisher's field of application covers mills for common wheat, rye, spelt, millet, barley, oats and buckwheat. Higher flour yield through intelligent design.
  • Using slanted beaters that give the tangentially incoming material stream an additional axial motion, the impact bran finisher removes adhering flour particles from the bran. This improves the yield of commercially usable flours.
  • The special shape of the screen causes it to vibrate. This keeps the screen perforations clear, ensuring a maximum throughput of up to 1.8 t/h.

Easy maintenance thanks to spacious doordesign.

  • The broad, large door design makes accessing the screen more convenient. Thus, servicing the machine and changing the screen are made significantly easier.
  • The bran finisher's easy accessibility simplifies operating checks and sampling.

A variety of models offering maximum flexibility.
The impact bran finisher MKLA is offered in three different versions. Thus, the machine is extremely flexible and can be adapted to meet both spatial conditions and given throughput capacities.


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