Belt and Bucket elevator RGEL

Belt and Bucket elevator RGEL - Vertical transport for high throughput rates.

- Long service life
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance

Belt and Bucket elevator RGEL

The Belt and Bucket elevator RGEL is designed for the vertical transport of bulk materials with high throughput rates. It allows up to 1,400 tons per hour of product to be elevated as high as 80 meters. Materials suitable for conveying include grain, compound feeds, pellets as well as oilseeds. This high-capacity elevator is preferably applied in port terminals, inland silos and processing plants. Long service life
  • Well-tried and tested mechanical components as well as wear-resistant materials guarantee a long service life and high reliability. Wear protection for inlet, foot and head are optionally available.

High operational reliability

  • The integrated zero-speed detector and off-track detector ensure optimal monitoring of performance and thus trouble-free operation.

Easy maintenance

  • Elevator head with split hood for easy maintenance and cleaning openings as well as a tensioning casing for easy access.

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