Bead Mill FineGrind™ SCAA

Bead Mill FineGrind™ SCAA – Efficient fine grinding of cocoa liquors.

- Intelligent design concept
- Simple and fast maintenance
- High level of energy efficiency and food safety

Bead Mill FineGrind™ SCAA

In a two-stage grinding process, the FineGrind™ bead mill from Bühler Barth performs the final stage in the cocoa liquor production process. Thanks to its innovative design, the mill grinds pre-treated high- to low-viscosity cocoa liquors to the desired end fineness quickly and with a high level of energy efficiency. The liquor produced is characterized by a particularly narrow particle size spectrum – the ideal basis for high-quality cocoa powder and chocolate products.

Intelligent design concept
Using optimally arranged arm agitators, the grinding balls are moved within the processing zone with minimum energy input. Through shear and impact stress, the grinding balls efficiently grind the cocoa particles dispersed in the cocoa butter to the desired end fineness. Disks are mounted on the rotor to divide the processing zone into multiple processing areas. This ensures optimal mixing of the product and therefore a particularly narrow particle size spectrum.

Simple and fast maintenance
The robust and simple design of the machine enables reliable continuous operation and high productivity. The optimized design of the wear parts guarantees minimum maintenance, enabling long production times without interruptions.

High level of energy efficiency and food safety
The question of cost efficiency is a key consideration with regard to grinding, as very high level of energy input is required for the grinding process. Skillfully combining several FineGrind™ bead mills – finely tuned to the customer’s specific production philosophy – enables energy savings of up to 20 %. Also safety is always a key focus of solutions from Bühler Barth. The machine design of the FineGrind™ therefore provides consistent hygiene conditions according to the guidelines of the up-to-date food safety concepts.


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