Bag Conveyor MWTK

Bag Conveyor MWTK – gentle handling of paper, cloth and plastic bags.

- Flexible application
- Safe operation at high capacity
- Sturdy and durable

Bag Conveyor MWTK

Bühler's MWTK bag conveyors guarantee the safe, gentle handling of paper, cloth and plastic bags as well as other containers with weights of up to 100 kg. Angled conveyance of up to 25 degrees is possible.

High flexibility for packing via modular design.

  • The modular system allows for a variety of conveyor combinations: angles between 0-8°, 8-15° or 15-25° can be selected. The length of the conveyor belt can also be variably determined in increments of 100 mm. Thus, conveyor lengths ranging from 1217 mm to 19117 mm are bridgeable.
  • The bag conveyor MWTK is characterized by its sliding belt design: the belts slide over a sliding table over the length of the conveyor line, so that containers can be fed at any point of the conveyor belt.
  • Flexibility also applies to the materials being transported: In addition to bags made of paper, cloth or plastic, the conveyor can handle many other types of containers of various weights of up to 100 kg.

Clever construction for safe operation at high capacity.

  • In order to avoid support or suspension problems, the conveyor belts have their own stable supports – an important condition for safe operation in bagging lines.
  • The use of conveyor belts ensures trouble-free handling of the material: containers with widths of up to 600 mm can be safely transported, even at angles of up to 25°.
  • Guide rails prevent the material from falling off the side during conveying operations. This provides for safe and gentle handling of all materials in packing stations.

Sturdy design provides excellent durability.
The bag conveyor MWTK excels through its solid, sturdy design and reliable direct drive. Together, these properties guarantee the safe operation and excellent durability of the unit.


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