Automatic moisture control system MYFE / MOZH

Automatic moisture control system MYFE / MOZH - Consistent product moisture for an ideal milling process

-Consistent product moisture
-High measuring accuracy
-Compact and safe
-Easy maintenance
-High level of flexibility

Automatic moisture control system MYFE / MOZH

With its moisture measuring device MYFE and liquids flow controller MOZH, Bühler has developed two state-of-the-art devices for automatically determining grain moisture. Input moisture, measured product throughput and desired target moisture are the three main determining factors used by the control system MEAG for continuous calculation of the required dampening water volume. The dampening water is then accurately metered by the new liquids flow controller MOZH and subsequently added to the grain. Continuous measurement and regulation of grain moisture in mills are preconditions for efficient, uniform grinding of grain. Consistent product moisture
  • Thanks to optimum coordination of the MYFE and MOZH units, Bühler's moisture control unit guarantees a uniform, consistent product moisture.

High measuring accuracy

  • The use of proven microwave technology ensures that the moisture measuring device MYFE delivers highly accurate moisture measurements.

Compact and safe

  • The moisture measuring device MYFE features a rugged and compact design. It also meets the strictest food safety standards.

Easy maintenance

  • All wear parts of the moisture measuring device MYFE can be replaced easily, thus helping to avoid extended downtimes.

High level of flexibility

  • The liquids flow controller MOZH is suitable for use with both normal and chlorinated water (50 °C / 600 ppm).


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