AluMet 1800V vacuum evaporation metallizer

AluMet 1800V vacuum evaporation metallizer –More productivity and high flexibility in coating three-dimensional parts

- High productivity
- Low production costs
- High reliability
- High flexibility
- Small machine footprint

AluMet 1800V-

The Bühler Leybold Optics AluMet 1800V is a highly economic, high-throughput, batch-type thermal evaporation machine for thin-film vacuum-coating of three-dimensional parts. Its double-door “clam-shell” configuration allows highly productive processing with each door holding six planetary pylons to carry the substrates. Each single pylon has a load capacity of up to 35 kg, is effectively 1500 mm long and has a usable diameter of 540 mm. The double-door design enables extremely efficient operation, as each door can be easily loaded and unloaded independently while the other is still processing. High productivity from a generous load capacity and short cycle times
  • The intuitive state-of-the-art human-machine interface (HMI) of the AluMet 1800V and its fully automated process control consistently guarantee high throughput with perfect results. Highly efficient processing is further aided by the double-door design with a set of six pylons per door. Offering a coating area of up to 15 m² per batch the AluMet 1800V delivers tremendous productivity.
  • The powerful vacuum pumping system, the highly efficient thermal evaporators and high-rate plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) sources are the key to short cycle times. For example, the AluMet 1800V can deposit a highly reflective aluminum layer, plus protective top coat, onto a typical car-lamp reflector in approximately 20 min-.


Low production cost thanks to efficient consumable utilization
The AluMet 1800V highly efficiently uses production-cost-driving consumables such as evaporator filaments and aluminum evaporation material. Since the lifetime of the filaments is physically limited to a certain number of evaporation cycles, the AluMet 1800V’s high load capacity helps to drastically lower the consumables cost per coated piece. Furthermore, the optimized aluminum evaporator geometries allow for a maximum collection efficiency, which results in a high evaporation material utilization.

Robust design for high reliability
Employed in the automotive industry worldwide, the AluMet 1800V is more than able to demonstrate its unique reliability and robustness in a mass production context. This unbeaten reliability is the result of ongoing robust and smart machine design. All key components such as the evaporators and the PECVD stations are designed for 24/7 production and to ensure a high machine uptime, all serviceable components are easy to access and simple to maintain.

Versatile pylon system for more production flexibility
The planetary substrate holder system with its six pylons per door is capable of handling a wide range of substrate types and sizes. This makes Bühler Leybold Optics’ AluMet 1800V a very versatile and flexible system, suitable for many different production scenarios and environments. In addition, the ergonomic design of the pylon holder system allows fast and easy handling of the pylons during loading and unloading of substrates.

Compact design means minimum floor space requirements
The AluMet 1800V is mounted in a compact and easy-to-handle steel frame. As a result, the system has a space-saving footprint of approx. 45 m² in total. The machine’s steel frame makes its installation and if required, relocation, fast and straightforward.


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