Alkalizing system CNA

Alkalizing system CNA – for cocoa powder of any color shade.

- Complete process control
- Recipes for all color shades
- Gentle and efficient mixing
- Easy maintenance

Alkalizing system CNA

The alkalizing system CNA for cocoa nibs enables the entire range of cocoa powder colors required for covering global market needs to be produced. Specifically developed for the alkalization of nibs, it is capable of varying the pH value of cocoa across a wide range. The residual ash content remains within the legally specified limits during nibs treatment. In addition to the equipment, Bühler Barth also supplies all the required recipes for producing the desired color hues. Process control for the entire color range of cocoa powder. 
  • All color shades which are important in the cocoa industry - red, brown, and black – can be produced in all their different hues. 
  • The alkalizing system CNA is capable of bringing about all the physical conditions for producing the required color hues: positive pressures for brown or black coloration, atmospheric pressure or slight positive pressure and oxygen injection for producing red hues.

Recipes for all color shades included.
Bühler Barth has an extensive know how and database with recipes for all important cocoa powder color shades. Along with the system, Bühler Barth will also supply all the necessary recipes, which can be tailored exactly to the customer’s wishes and requirements.

Gentle and efficient mixing by ribbon mixing technology.
The alkalizing system CNA uses a mixing ribbon which ensures gentle and at the same time efficient mixing of the product. The resulting high mixing efficiency reduces the cycle times and increases the throughput capacity as compared with conventional mixing systems.

Easy maintenance and low maintenance costs. 

  • The machine is equipped with a mechanical sealing system which is easy to adjust and maintain from the outside. 
  • Low maintenance costs are ensured by the very rugged mechanical design of the entire system – despite the difficult process conditions of alkalization, it operates absolutely reliably and requires little maintenance.


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