Air-Recycling Aspirator MVSR

Air-Recycling Aspirator MVSR – specific gravity separator with high separating efficiency.

- High degree of separation
- Low operating costs
- Optimal customization

Air-Recycling Aspirator MVSR

The air-recycling aspirator MVSR is applied for the separation of specifically lighter particles in an aspiration channel from granular products such as wheat, rye, barley, and corn (maize). High degree of separation thanks to excellent separating efficiency.
The air-recycling aspirator MVSR is characterized by its excellent separating efficiency, which ensures a high degree of separation:
  • The uniform distribution of the air across the entire width of the aspiration channel and the dually adjustable wall in the vertical aspiration channel ensure stable and reliable separation.
  • The degree of separation can be selected with high precision, preventing unnecessary product loss.

Minimum air requirement for low operating costs.

  • Thanks to the separately installed centrifugal fan, the air requirement of the MVSR is minimized, reducing the operating costs. In addition, the filter area in the central aspiration system can be reduced – another feature which cuts costs.
  • As only a small volume of fresh air is needed for aspirating the machine, the operating expenses are yet further reduced.

Customizable configuration.

  • Various machine configurations allow the air-recycling aspirator MVSR to be exactly tailored to customers specific requirements: From among the three different sizes, the machine can be selected with is best suited to the individual product throughput requirement.
  • As the air-recycling aspirator can be applied both as a stand-alone machine and in combination with a Separator, it can be integrated according to the specific needs in an existing range of machinery.


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