AeroExpander Hot Air Pellet Expander

AeroExpander Hot Air Pellet Expander Continuous production for the healthy snack alternative.

- High-quality product expansion
- Low operating costs
- Easy installation, operation and maintenance

AeroExpander™ Hot Air Expansion for Snack Pellets

Continuous hot air expansion for healthy snack foods.

Bühler’s AeroExpander is an innovative solution applied in the processing of snack food pellets and third generation snacks. Using hot air instead of oil for expansion, snack food processors are able to reduce cost while providing a healthier snack alternative. AeroExpander employs air circulation and variable temperature control with a custom conveying system to ensure precise dwell time and product uniformity. This control benefits customers by boosting productivity and maintaining consistent quality in the demanding snack food market. Unique heat transfer and product tracking ensure high-quality expansion.
The AeroExpander expands the pelleted snack product during a continuous conveying process. The unit provides a high rate of thermal transfer and precise control of expansion, bulk density, color and texture. A specialized air delivery system with dual plenum design means expansion of 100% of the product is achievable. The compartmentalized conveyor bed offers first-in/first out product tracking for consistent and efficiently controlled expansion.

Customized design and reduced oil usage minimize operating costs.
The AeroExpander's controlled internal conveying and air delivery systems ensure precise dwell times for all pellets while employing air and heat wisely. Recirculation of process air is an energy-efficient means of expanding snack food pellets. In addition, the elimination of the frying process in snack production reduces oil usage by 50 to 75%, resulting in tremendous cost savings. These features combine to reduce operating costs, while satisfying increased demand for healthier, reduced fat snacks.

Highly flexible thanks to easy installation, operation and maintenance.
The three available sizes of the AeroExpander can easily fit in existing or new plant layouts. The unit's modular design and installation package lead to quick installation and minimal set-up to begin operations. The smooth inner surfaces make sanitation easier, reducing clean-up and maintenance times in the process.

Snack pellets, before and after AeroExpander provides 100% expansion of pelleted snack products using no oil.
AeroExpander compartments AeroExpander's unique product conveyance system ensures first-in, first-out tracking of expanded snack pellets.