AeroDry Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryer

AeroDry Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryer – ultimate control throughout the drying process.

- Flexible processing
- Consistent high-quality output
- Clean, safe operation

AeroDry™ Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryer

Ultimate control throughout the drying process.

Bühler designs and manufactures its custom multi-stage conveyor dryers, ovens and coolers for use in drying and cooling a variety of products including coated cereal, French fries and other potato products, sugar-infused fruits, onions, synthetic fibers and industrial products. They offer high production capacity and product reorientation during thermal processing while making efficient use of floor space. Multiple stages offer a high level of processing flexibility.
The configuration of the multi-stage conveyor dryer can be adjusted quickly according to each product type and processing conditions. Multiple stages offer multiple conveyor belt speeds and temperature/airflow conditions, assuring the product will be dried, baked or cooled within the best time and temperature range for high-quality output.

Consistent product quality thanks to intelligent design.
The multi-stage conveyor dryer uses zoned temperature controls to customize the thermal process and maximize the efficiency of heat/mass transfer. The design ensures consistent product characteristics across the entire conveyor bed. Even airflow via a dual plenum design provides unmatched moisture uniformity.

Sanitary design features ensure clean, safe operation.
Dryer floors and roofs are pitched for easy cleaning and continuously welded for maximum sanitation. The sanitary door option provides continuously welded insulated door panels to prevent moisture from entering the panel. Interior surfaces of the dryer are sloped and smooth to allow product to flow without becoming a safety or sanitation risk. Easy access via large doors and removable panels allows cleaning to be done quickly and thoroughly during routine operations.

Flexible assembly options to reduce costs.
The standard modular design option of the AeroDry conveyor dryer ships with the conveyor bed installed, reducing installation time and cost onsite. The field assembly construction option allows installation in the tightest plant conditions, while reducing shipping costs.

Learn more about the field assembly construction option.