Vegetable Sorting

Ultimate product quality in your process line

Bühler’s range of optical sorting equipment provides solutions for a wide range of processed fresh and frozen vegetables, efficiently removing unwanted gross and subtle colour defects, EVM such as pods from peas, stalks, sticks and stems from green beans, and foreign material such as insects, stones, wood, cardboard and plastics. With a hygienic open frame design and high capacity capability the optical sorters offer the vegetable processors full flexibility in product sorting. Depending on the stage of processing, the optical sorter can be sort fresh unblanched or blanched products in a process line, or frozen at post freezer stage, bulk to bulk and end of line packaging.

High precision for maximum efficiency

  • Broad spectrum lighting, Enhanced InGaAs technology and custom designed high definition camera technologies accurately detect subtle colour defects, EVM and foreign material.
  • PROfile technology can intelligently detect and virtually separate touching objects, allowing for a higher capacity shape sorting.
  • PROfile technology offers the possibility of using a combination of multiple shape parameters to remove stems and under or oversized vegetables at the same time.

High reliability, top quality sorting offering high product yields

  • Efficiently removes defects with high level yield with less good product in the reject
  • Meets high-level market demands in product quality and safety
  • Handles applications where gross and subtle colour defects and EVM need to be detected and removed

High production capacity and flexibility

  • Reliable feed and electronics reduces production downtime
  • Customised ejector design for long life, high speed, high reliability and high flow
  • Large colour touch screen GUI making controlling the sorters clear, logical and simple

High sanitation standards

  • Easy access, open design with stainless steel frame
  • Hygienic and easy cleaning with IP56 protection
  • Splatter Plate minimises debris on optical box windows

Customer Service

Unparalleled access to a range of customer focused, flexible optical sorting service packages to suit your needs - available from over 140 countries worldwide.