SORTEX BioVision™

SORTEX BioVision™ - 3-in-1 colour, shell and foreign material detection technology.

- SORTEX® BioCam technology™
- High Definition InGaAs™
- SORTEX® colour cameras

SORTEX BioVision™

Colour, shell and foreign material detection - all in one for nut sorting

 Available on the SORTEX F and SORTEX E optical sorters for simultaneous detection of nut shells, foreign materials, colour defects and toxin infected nuts. Features a combination of unique detection technologies; BioCam™ and depending on your sorting needs, high definition InGaAsHD or colour cameras, or both.

From tree nuts such as peanuts, almonds and cashews to hard-walled kernels such as pistachios, pecans and walnuts. In-shell, natural, blanched or chopped nuts - zero tolerance to hazardous contaminants and aflatoxin infected nuts.

SORTEX BioCam™ - Advanced detection of nut shells.

  • Designed for detecting nut shells and nothing else
  • Analyses spectral and spatial space difference between shell and meat/kernels that cannot be detected using visible cameras
  • Detects shell fragments as small as 2mm - up to 50% smaller than current industry optical sorter with accuracy

High Definition InGaAs™ - Near-visible foreign material (FM) detection

  • Double the resolution to detect plastic, stones and other typical FM found in nuts
  • Twice as many pixels - simultaneously detect all other types of FM in nut sorting; shell, husks, sticks, glass
  • Detects FM that cannot be seen in the visible spectrum, offering an added layer of assurance for increased nut quality and safety

SORTEX® colour cameras - trusted technologies for highest food safety and nut quality

  • Customised in-house for accuracy in detecting subtle colours and bacteria infected nut kernels such as aflatoxin
  • Detects minute sized blemishes; yellows in peanuts, light and/or dark spots in cashews, skin-on or off in almonds, shrivelled kernels in pistachio sorting

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