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Bühler is the global leader in optical sorting solutions for the rice industry. Its SORTEX range of optical sorting equipment delivers premium quality and appearance on all varieties of rice. Its advanced technologies maximise product yield, while its efficiency and build quality ensure consistent high performance and productivity.

Delivering premium quality and appearance on all varieties of rice

  • The Bühler optical sorting solution delivers high efficiency in the removal of visual defects such as discoloured, yellow, grey, purple, peck, chalky, bran streaks, immature, and others. This efficiency greatly enhances the product appearance.
  • Excellent results are achieved in improving food safety, by removing foreign material such as stones, glass, plastic and other unwanted material.
  • The highest quality in rice is achieved by using cutting edge technology designed and developed in-house; high resolution and low noise visible cameras, stable foreground and background lighting , reliable feed and ejector systems.
  • Bühler's broken rice monitor offers feedback based on trends of the percentage of broken grains. Should the set tolerances be passed an alert will be displayed.

Maximising the yield

  • The high precision ejection system minimises false rejects of good grain, delivering a highly concentrated reject stream.
  • Availability of secondary, tertiary and simultaneous reverse sorting helps to minimise loss of good grains.
  • Bühler’s feed system improves yield by delivering an even distribution of product through the viewing area.

Consistent Performance

  • SORTEX optical sorters deliver stable and reliable operation, with product tracking, automatic calibration and wiping of the viewing area.
  • The design of SORTEX optical sorters helps maintain their performance, in the long term. Their sealed optical boxes ensure that all optical components are kept clean and dust free, avoiding the associated reduction in performance that would ensue.

Increased productivity and lower operational costs

  • The efficiency of a SORTEX machine will minimise the factory floor footprint, in comparison with larger mechanical cleaners.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of user defined modes.
  • Assisted by the Anyware remote connection, Bühler engineers can respond quickly in support of a machine, maximising up-time and further enhancing productivity.

Multiple, configurable machine options

  • The SORTEX optical sorter can easily be switched between modes, programmed to sort different variants of rice and is capable of simultaneously rejecting grossly-visible defects, subtly-visible defects, and same-colour defects.
  • With its modular design, the SORTEX range can handle multiple capacities. While a single module can be used to run small batch samples for lab analysis, from as low as 500 kg/hour, a multi-module machine can handle an industrial throughput of up to 20 tonnes/hour.
  • A SORTEX machine can easily be configured to operate in one of many languages.


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