Pulses Sorting

Setting standards in pulses processing

Bühler provides optical sorting solutions for pulse processors who demand the highest standards of quality and safety. With a focus on precision sorting and consistent yield, the Bühler optical sorters meet the requirements of small, medium and large processors. Solutions are offered for all variety of pulses; beans, lentils, grams and peas, of different sizes and origin, in all forms, splits and whole, with or without skin. Its commitment to substantial investment in R&D ensures that the advanced optical sorting technology of the Bühler optical sorters produce excellent results in removing even the most challenging of pulse defects.

Setting new standards in product quality

  • Advanced custom-built technology – monochromatic and bichromatic visible cameras, high resolution InGaAs technology and unique PROfile technology ensures the selection of the highest quality pulses.
  • The Bühler optical sorting solutions deliver high efficiency in the removal of contaminants such as subtle colour, discoloured, chalky, split from whole, immature, skin on, sticks, stones, glass, mud balls and other foreign material - to achieve optimum product quality.
  • The SORTEX Bichromatic range delivers high efficiency in the removal of dark contaminants from dark colour accept product, to maximize yield.

Maximising value and yield

  • Precise optical sorting achieves uniform appearance and added value.
  • Capable of separating pulses to produce required product grades, considerably maximizing the commercial value.
  • Industry-leading optical and ejector technology minimizes the false ejection of good product.
  • Simultaneous resort option allows the recovery of good product from the reject stream.

Increased productivity and lower operational cost

  • SORTEX optical sorters will improve on the performance of mechanical graders by reducing cross contaminated pulses - especially of similar size - delivering better output with lower overall costs.
  • Assisted by the Anyware remote connection, Bühler engineers can respond quickly in support of SORTEX sorters, maximising uptime, further enhancing productivity.
  • Lower power consumption and air requirements reduce operational costs.

Consistent performance and stability

  • Consistent performance and a reliable operation with automatic calibration whilst maintaining a clean optical viewing area.
  • The Climate Control System option delivers maximum stability, by maintaining a constant temperature in the optical and control cabinets, in extreme ambient temperatures.

Multiple, configurable machine option

  • A combination of advanced custom-built technologies allows sorting of various types and sizes of pulses, typically using the same sorter without having to change foreground lighting.
  • Modular design options available, with up to 5 sizes, to suit processors with capacity requirements ranging from 0.75-9.0 tons hour depending on commodity and impurity levels.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of pre-stored product modes.

Customer Service

Unparalleled access to a range of customer focused, flexible optical sorting service packages to suit your needs - available from over 140 countries worldwide.