Grain Sorting

The ultimate in grain sorting performance

Bühler is the global leader in optical sorting solutions for the grain industry. Its optical sorting equipment improves food safety and delivers the highest quality grain. Advanced technologies maximise capacity and product yield, while its efficiency and build quality ensure consistent high performance and productivity. The SORTEX ranges are the first choice for premium quality grain sorting.

Improving food safety and delivering the highest quality grain

  • The Bühler optical sorting solution improves food safety by removing grains diseased with contaminants like fusarium and ergot.
  • Excellent results are achieved in removing foreign seeds and grains from the product (e.g. vetch, weed seed and others).
  • Value is added to the product by grading. This includes the separation of low protein from high protein grain.
  • Product quality is improved by controlling the Falling Number, ensuring high quality flour
  • SORTEX optical sorters help to achieve excellent end-product appearance, for products like flour, pasta and semolina.

Maximising the yield

  • The high precision ejection system minimises false rejects of good grain, delivering a very highly-concentrated reject stream.
  • Due to minimal loss of good grains on the first pass, most grain applications do not require a re-sort; however a re-sort option is available if necessary.
  • Final yield is improved with the aid of specially designed high performance chutes.

Delivering the highest capacity solutions

  • The SORTEX range of optical sorters can be configured to cater for capacities of between 500kg and 40 t/h.
  • Bühler’s range of optical sorters can be combined in series, to cater for any capacity requirement.
  • Production volume is maintained, with minimum down-time for cleaning or product configuration change.

Consistent Performance

  • SORTEX optical sorters deliver a stable and reliable operation with product tracking, automatic calibration, and wiping of the viewing area.
  • On certain models within the SORTEX range, the Climate Control System is provided, to maintain a stable temperature inside the optical and electronic cabinets, enabling the optical sorters to operate successfully in extremes of ambient temperature.
  • The design of SORTEX optical sorters helps maintain their performance, in the long term. Their sealed optical boxes ensure that all optical components are kept clean and dust free, avoiding the associated reduction in performance that would ensue.

Increased productivity and lower operational costs

  • SORTEX optical sorting can improve on the performance of mechanical cleaners and manual operations, delivering better output with lower overall costs.
  • The efficiency of a SORTEX machine will minimise the factory floor footprint, in comparison with larger mechanical cleaners.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of user defined modes.
  • Assisted by the Anyware remote connection, Bühler engineers can respond quickly in support of a machine, maximising up-time and further enhancing productivity.
  • SORTEX optical sorters allow direct input from the load cells in the customer’s hopper. This allows the capacity of the sorter to be matched to the plant’s capacity.

Customer Service

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