Coffee Sorting

Delivering the highest standards in product quality and safety

Bühler provides optical sorting solutions for coffee processors who demand high standards in product quality and safety. With a focus on precision sorting and consistent yield, the SORTEX range of optical sorters meet requirements of small, medium and large processors who sort a variety of beans; roasted, semi/fully washed sun dried green Robusta and Arabica. Its commitment to substantial investment in R&D ensures that its advanced optical sorting technology produces excellent results in removing even the most challenging of defects.

Setting the standards in product quality and safety

  • The Bühler optical sorting solutions deliver high efficiency in the removal of subtle colour and defective coffee beans, including broca (insect damaged), discoloured, immature, under/over roasted beans, to achieve optimum roast and ground quality.
  • Excellent results can be achieved in removing even the most challenging defects such as stones, metal, sticks, glass and other foreign material, to maximize safety.

Maximising value and yield

  • Precise optical sorting achieves uniform appearance and added value.
  • A range of advanced custom-built technologies ensure the selection of the highest quality of coffee beans. These include
    • LED and broad spectrum lighting
    • High resolution visible mono, bichromatic cameras and trichromatic sensors

InGaAs (SWIR) and PROfile technology

  • Industry-leading optical and ejector technology minimizes the false ejection of the good beans.
  • Simultaneous resort option allows the recovery of good product from the reject stream.

Consistent performance and stability

  • Consistent performance and a reliable operation with automatic calibration whilst maintaining a clean optical viewing area.
  • Maximum stability with the Climate Control System option, by maintaining a constant temperature in the optical and control cabinets in the extreme ambient temperature ranges.

Multiple, configurable machine options

  • Modular design options available up to four sizes to suit processors with capacity requirements ranging from 0.5-15 tons/hour.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of pre-stored product modes.

Increased productivity and lower operational costs

  • Assisted by the Anyware remote connection, Bühler engineers can respond quickly in support of SORTEX sorters maximizing uptime, further enhancing productivity.
  • Lower power consumption and air requirements reduce operational costs.

Customer Service

Unparalleled access to a range of customer focused, flexible optical sorting service packages to suit your needs - available from over 140 countries worldwide.


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