Extrusion & Dough Preparation

Bühler offers optimized extrusion solutions – always cost-efficient and complying with highest hygiene standards. There are two ways to process the base material – each requiring specialized hardware. On the one hand cooking extrusion is applied for a variety of foods and feeds with high amounts of mechanical energy. On the other hand there is pasta which is manufactured in a different way: with moderate mechanical energy input. High performance cooking extruders provide boundless versatility.
Whether to produce high-quality breakfast cereals, food ingredients, petfood or aquafeed: Bühler extrusion solutions offer great leeway for parameter settings – effectively enabling the customer to make almost any kind of extruded product.

The goal of cooking extrusion is to cause starch gelatinization and/or protein denaturation during the process. These modifications are determined by the speed of the screws and the applied shear forces. That gives the customer the option to define the product’s degree of gelatinization, texture and quality. However, product quality is not only dependent on the structure of the extruder but above all on the skill and experience of the operator.

Excellent pasta – tradition complemented by innovation.
Bühler knows that dough preparation is crucial for outstanding pasta. The result of more than 100 years of experience in development are first-class production systems. Whether the customer uses a traditional pasta press or the innovative Polymatik® technology – Bühler solutions are able to make a wide variety of premium quality pasta from a diverse assortment of raw materials such as durum wheat, common wheat, corn and rice.

Contrary to cooking extrusion pasta extrusion is cold extrusion where protein denaturation and starch gelatinization are generally avoided. The aims are shaping and slight kneading of the dough – just as happens on a small scale in any kitchen. The Polymatik® press uses a twin-screw mixer/kneader that turns the raw materials into a homogeneous dough, ensuring consistently premium-quality pasta with outstanding cooking characteristics and high color brilliance.

Food Innovation Center

The new Bühler Food Innovation Center located in Plymouth, MN is a food-grade facility. This facility was designed according to sanitary standards and is maintained and operated under SQF guidelines.
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