Ready-to-Eat Cereal Dryers, Toasters and Coolers

Focused on sanitation, consistent product quality and operating efficiency.

Bühler began building RTE cereal dryers in 1959 through its Aeroglide and FEC subsidiaries. We continue to refine cereal dryer designs with innovations in sanitation, moisture uniformity and durability. Applications include pre-drying cooked cereal grains; drying corn grits, rice and multi-grain products prior to forming; and final drying of coated or uncoated extruded or flaked products. Bühler offers the cereal industry a wide range of equipment and processing options that optimize product quality and operating efficiencies.

The AeroToast Fluid Bed Toaster is ideal for rapid expansion and coloring of flaked and bumped products. AeroToast is often followed by the AeroTemp horizontal bed cooler.

AeroDry Impingement Ovens are available for mutli-layer biscuit type cereals as well as formed cereal products. These ovens excel in applications where controlled product expansion and color are important.

AeroDry Multi-Pass and Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryers are custom designed for a full range of coated RTE breakfast cereal products. These dryers may be supplied with integrated cleaning systems, pickers for product agitation and cooling systems.

In addition to drying, products may be taken from batch to continuous operation with a range of tempering and cooling options. Surge protection and product tempering are offered through standalone, live bottom bins or integrated dryer/cooler/tempering systems.

Customer Value:

  • Maximum sanitation with access for cleaning, elimination of debris collection points, and fully welded, sanitary internal design.
  • Superior control of moisture uniformity.
  • High quality product with tight control of surface expansion and color.
  • Robust construction for trouble-free operation.
Spreader photo For uniform, consistent drying and toasting of breakfast cereals, Bühler offers a variety of feeders such as the AeroFeed RE reciprocating product spreader.
Cereal toasting with impingement oven High heat impingement processing provides consistent expansion and color development.