Conveyor Dryer Parts and Accessories

One-stop supplier for dryer equipment spares.

Quality, delivery, and service are the key elements to providing successful equipment components. Bühler delivers mechanical, electrical and electronic conveyor dryer spare parts and accessories anywhere in the world. Dryer components can be provided for Aeroglide dryers as well as other brands including CPM Wolverine Proctor, National Drying Machinery, FEC and Wenger. A worldwide sales and support network enables Bühler to quickly and efficiently supply customers with the replacement parts they need.

Customer value:

  • Optimized performance
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Higher efficiency
  • Shorter downtimes
In-depth mechanical evaluation leads to optimized performance.
Bühler engineers carefully examine and analyze the customer's existing drying equipment. The detailed mechanical audit reveals ways in which to optimize performance, either through direct replacement of parts and accessories or a more robust upgrade or expansion.

Finest replacement parts for enhanced product quality.
Bühler applies its expertise to supplying customers with the right spare parts to enhance product quality. Typical improvements include better product moisture uniformity and overall product consistency.

Higher efficiency through minimized energy consumption.
Bühler's mechanical evaluation of existing conveyor dryer equipment also identifies ways to reduce energy consumption. This can lead to substantial cost savings and improve the overall efficiency of operations.

Fast shipment ensures shorter downtimes.
Quick and easy delivery of replacement parts is guaranteed through Bühler's worldwide sales and support network. Fast response means operation downtimes are kept to a minimum.