Drying Technology Center

Enhanced performance through expert product testing.

Bühler combines product and process expertise with state-of-the-art testing facilities to provide customers with ideal diagnostic services. The Drying Technology Center in Raleigh, North Carolina allows confidential testing to develop new products or enhance equipment performance. The wide range of pilot plant equipment includes conveyor, tray, rotary, air fluid bed and impingement.

Customer value:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Flexible, confidential testing
Developing the correct drying curve and product characteristics is typically the first step in defining the best equipment for an application. Bühler's Drying Technology Center is a top-notch product test facility offering confidential testing to customers using Aeroglide Dryers and all other leading brands of conveyor dryers. The test data acquired at the Bühler Drying Technology Center is used to help customers optimize their thermal processing equipment.
Tech Center Testing A variety of food, feed and industrial products can be tested and evaluated to reach optimum quality.


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