Aquafeed Dryers and Coolers

Focused on uniformity, sanitation and operating efficiency.

Quality-minded fish feed processors turn to Bühler for the AeroDry line of dryers and coolers. Bühler has been the top innovator within the salmon food industry since the installation of the first sequential zoned dryers in the early 1990s. Today, manufacturers of feeds for catfish, salmon and other fish continue to rely on AeroDry conveyor dryers for efficient production of a variety of aquafeeds.

The AeroDry Single-Pass Conveyor Dryer is available in a sequential heat zone configuration. This design allows full manipulation of the drying curve to protect heat sensitive ingredients often found in aquafeed products. Numerous two-pass and three-pass sequential zone dryers are in operation around the world.

Clean processing and food safety are critical concerns for aquafeed processors. All Bühler dryers incorporate unique customer requirements for sanitation and cleaning, some of which include:

  • Full interior access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Elimination of debris collection points with slab floors, sloped surfaces, and advanced chain and conveying options
  • Increased insulation and moisture prevention with sanitation-focused exterior doors
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems
  • Water collection floor trough
  • Elimination of grease and oil from the food area with external conveyor drives and bearings

AeroPro Advanced Dryer Controls
Enhanced production and operating efficiencies are achieved through implementation of AeroPro controls. The complete system includes Evaporation and Humidity Control modules, as well as Energy Performance Monitoring and Product Tracking.

More about AeroPro Controls

Fish Feed Dryer This high capacity multi-pass fish feed dryer features four sequential heat zones and dual plenum airflow for premium quality product.
Consistent Product Feeding The AeroFeed OS+ oscillating spout feeder ensures consistent drying by spreading product evenly across the conveyor bed. Adjustments can be made while in operation without interrupting production.