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Since its founding in 1940, Aeroglide Corporation has led the industry with innovations in industrial drying, roasting, toasting, baking, curing and cooling. Our focus on providing custom solutions tailored specifically for the customer's product and processing needs continues today as part of the Bühler Group. Aeroglide was founded in 1940 as American Potato Dryers, Inc. The name was changed in 1953 to Aeroglide Corporation. The company was well-known in the grain industry, with over 2,000 grain dryers installed beginning in 1949. Aeroglide is the largest supplier of charcoal briquette dryers in the US, with the first installation in 1959. Innovations in drying continued with many industry firsts: a two-pass petfood dryer in 1963, dual-plenum airflow technology in 1968, a three-pass petfood dryer and sequentially-zoned dryer in the 1990s, the impingement toaster in 2002, and the continuous-production hot-air expander for pelleted snack products in 2010.

Aeroglide's expertise in drying developed through innovation as well as smart acquisitions.

  • C.G. Sargent’s Sons. Founded in 1852, C.G. Sargent’s Sons began as a textile machinery manufacturing company. The company evolved to meet industry demands in wool processing, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, tobacco and chemicals. C.G. Sargent's Sons joined the Bühler Group in 1990.
  • Food Engineering Corporation (FEC). Founded in 1965, FEC specialized in custom engineered dryers with a focus on sanitation and cleanibility. The company was best known for its sanitary dryers for ready-to-eat cereals. FEC joined the Bühler Group in 2002.
  • National Drying Machinery Company. Founded in 1920, the National Drying Machinery Company initially focused on the textile industry. They later grew to supply dryers for synthetic fibers, chemicals, polymers and foods. The "knock-down" or field-assembly construction option for dryers was developed by National, and is still available today from Bühler. National Drying joined the Bühler Group in 2004.
    Learn more about field-assembly or knock-down construction dryers.

Aeroglide joined the Bühler Group in June, 2008. The know-how and competencies from all of these companies are an integral part of Bühler today.

The original Aeroglide playground toy The Original Aeroglide
The name "Aeroglide" was first used for this playground toy, invented by Mr. Broadus Wilson in the late 1920's. It was sold through Macy's department store until the Great Depression. The name was given new life in 1953 when Mr. Wilson changed the name of American Potato Dryers Inc. to Aeroglide Corporation.


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Aeroglide Dryers Today

Aeroglide dryers are now part of the Bühler Group product offering. Full support for National, FEC and Sargent dryers is available including spare parts, refurbishments and expansions.