Universal Motor

One Motor. For the world.

A growing need for energy efficiency and resulting regulation drive the diversification of available LV-motors. This leads to high complexity of available motors and required certificates depending on the country they will be used in.
For example, Bühler nowadays has an active motor portfolio of more than 100’000 usable LV-motor types. You can imagine that such high variance leads to complex processes for everyone involved: sales, engineering, purchasing, customer service.
To handle the vast number of available LV-motors, legal regulations and technical requirements, Bühler has come up with a single solution: the Universal Motor. Based on IEC standards, the number of variants could be reduced to ~6’000 motor types. The new portfolio covers more than 80% of Bühler’s needs. The Universal Motor is a standardization project with a complexity reduction rate of -90%.
Bühler’s Universal Motor will be available for up to 250kW.

A more efficient Supply Chain.

More about A more efficient Supply Chain.
The Universal Motor will lead to higher efficiency along the supply chain and simplifies all processes from design to delivery. It will be easier to select, procure and deliver the right LV-motor including all required certificates and the right energy efficiency label.

Many Labels - One Motor.

More about Many Labels - One Motor.
Since we build and send machines throughout the world, we have included the most common labels in the Universal Motor concept. Therefore, every motor will have the following labels: CE, UL, CSA, EAC, CEL. ATEX as well as non-ATEX requirements are covered in IE2 or IE3.

Imagine you had one motor which could be used in North America, China, India, Russia, Europe and many other countries. These geographical areas are covered and make our Universal Motor truly global.

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