Technology for exquisite coffee specialties.

Espresso, filter coffee and Turkish coffee are just three of the various popular ways of enjoying this caffeinated beverage. In order to perfect the pleasure, we offer coffee processing companies systems employing advanced technologies for customized production processes. With its innovative solutions, Bühler is setting worldwide standards in the production of coffee products. Taking into account factors like product quality, process efficiency and economy, we coordinate the entire spectrum of processing stages optimally – from handling to roasting to grinding – to meet customer needs.

Each stage of processing affects the quality and, consequently, the acceptance of the end product. Our cooperation with Petroncini Impianti, an Italian company specializing in coffee roasting technology, provides Bühler customers with unique benefits: with especially gentle processes for the grinding and storage of roasted and ground coffee, as well as highly sophisticated machines and systems ensuring the best possible treatment of the coffee in every regard.

With comprehensive know-how in the field of coffee production and sensitivity for individual process requirements, we develop customer-friendly solutions – for first-class coffee specialties.


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