Moulded Chocolate

The perfect shell: Depositing and moulding with Bühler Bindler.

Even the most noble chocolate specialty will not reach the level of perfection before it has been formed. Bühler Bindler turns shell dreams into a reality: With innovative seed precrystallization, optimal depositing processes and trend-setting shell forming technology. Since the integration of Bindler in 2001, Bühler has been a complete product and service provider to the chocolate production industry: From the raw cocoa bean to the finished chocolate bar, we cover every process stage with state-of-the-art production systems. Highly specific yet at the same time individualized, our shell moulding equipment always uses our customers’ needs as a benchmark.

With its CoolCore™ cold stamping technology, Bühler Bindler has literally set the pace: Shell forming is achieved through brief and fast stamping using a cooled die. The process happens so quickly that the mass crystallized into a molded shape just barely has sufficient stability – a temperature and time relating mechanism ensuring perfect shell quality and economic production.

In the Bühler SeedMaster®, the mass is first seeded with a small dose of cocoa butter crystal suspension to produce the optimal structure: This imparts gloss and fat bloom stability to the chocolate shell, which is perfectly moulded in every respect, and provides a representative form for receiving finest chocolate masses.


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