Produce chocolate recipes efficiently.

New recipes and new creations appear almost daily on the worldwide chocolate market. With Bühler's highly flexible production systems, there is practically no limit to the variety of forms and flavors possible. Our innovative solutions guarantee manufacturers of chocolate products maximum yield and top product quality. Their combined know-how has made Bühler, Bühler Frisse and Bühler Bindler the technology leader in the field of chocolate production. Bühler systems enable the production of even the most unique recipes for chocolates, chocolate bars and chocolate figures. Because we have our own pilot plant, we can also oversee the complete conception for the industrial production of a recipe upon request.

Our 100 years of experience in the field of process technology allows us to offer Bühler customers exceptionally economical processes for chocolate production. The DoMiReCo™ process developed by Bühler has set an international benchmark: Dosing-Mixing-Refining-Conching is the most widely used process in chocolate production.

With qualified consulting, advanced technologies and comprehensive customer services, Bühler optimizes your chocolate production – from raw cocoa beans to the finest chocolate specialties.