Bakery Products

Making baking more profitable.

In industrial baking, the cost-effectiveness of production depends to a large extent on using the most efficient raw material handling processes. With Bühler machinery, you can add maximum value at every stage of production. We will work together with you to develop and implement first-class solutions for every stage of the process: from intake and storage, through dosing, sifting and provision, up to the weighing of dry and liquid products. Our machinery control systems will carry out individual recipes and can be integrated into existing production lines without any problem.

A team of machinery and electrics specialists will oversee the installation and commissioning process to ensure it goes smoothly. And if you need any further help, our service team is always at your disposal, all around the world.


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Bakery Innovation Center

As center of competence for Flour Service, the Bakery Innovation Center offers know-how and comprehensive analytical services within an unique infrastructure.


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