Optoelectronics solutions

Connecting light and matter

Optoelectronics uses the properties of optical thin films and combines them with electronics, often on a very small scale.
Virtually every digital camera uses an IR–cut filter to protect the image sensor chip from unwanted light radiation. For wafer level cameras, where the optical coatings are directly applied onto the wafer Bühler Leybold Optics offers the SYRUSpro series of evaporation systems and, for use under clean-room conditions in particular, the HELIOS series of sputter systems.
Touch screens used for mobile phones and PCs also need ITO coatings, AR and "easy clean" coatings. Our inline sputtering machines offer ITO layers of high conductivity and transparency and various other metal coatings at the same time.

Semiconductor lasers require high-reflectivity laser mirrors on a small scale substrate, but with the highest performance. Sputtering systems of the HELIOS series offer the perfect solution for this application, providing excellent laser mirrors by sputtering, load lock and a cleanroom environment.

In addition, Bühler Leybold Optics provides a comprehensive coating system portfolio for electronic applications. Whether for the metallization of sensors, high-power transistors, MEMS and many more… the SYRUSpro series with optimized electron-beam guns for metal evaporation and the HELIOS series for the sputtering of metals are the right choice. For special solutions combining wafer handling, load lock systems, sputtering and evaporation, the Bühler Leybold Optics portfolio includes cluster systems that offer customized and flexible solutions.