Small to medium scale electrode slurry production

Bühler offers batch and quasi-continuous processes using FILMIX. The well-established technology by Bühler’s cooperation partner PRIMIX enables the production of high-quality electrode slurries, i.e. for the anode, cathode and the separator layer.
The high-speed, thin-film method of dispersion using FILMIX allows for sharp particle size distributions and uniformity in dispersions of nano-meter sized particles. The highly efficient, turbulent mixing process results in better battery qualities – for example charging/discharging behavior and lifespan – due to the homogenous dispersion of the conductive carbon in the active material of the cathode slurry.
The HIVIS triple shaft planetary disperser/kneader/mixer offers a wide variety of uses from mixing of dry powder particle materials to kneading of high-viscosity material. It contains two twisted blades that move simultaneously on their own axis while orbiting the vessel in a planetary motion to reduce “dead space” and promoting uniformed processing.
Planetary Mixer HIVIS MIX (HM-2P-03/1)
Planetary Mixer HIVIS DISPER MIX (HM-3D-2)
Planetary Mixer HIVIS DISPER MIX (HM-3D-5)