Large scale electrode slurry production

Bühler has developed a revolutionary electrode slurry manufacturing process, which saves 60% of investment and operation costs. The growing demand for lithium-ion batteries requires larger scaled electrode slurry production. Multiplying batch machines linearly increases production area, investment and operations costs. Bühler’s innovative ContiMixer process can replace multiple batch mixers, thus minimizing investment and operation costs while achieving high product quality.
The continuous mixing process is based on a twin-screw mixer which combines the basic operations of continuous raw material dosing, pre-mixing, kneading, fine-dispersing and degassing in a single device. Due to the replacement of multiple batch mixers the required investment can be reduced by 60% for large production scale installations. Additionally, the continuous mixing process consumes three times less specific energy input to achieve the same product properties. Furthermore, the quality control expert system QuaLIB™ enables inline monitoring and control of the electrode slurry parameters.


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