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Bühler equipment produces top quality while ensuring economical use of the raw materials and energy. Low operating costs allow customers to gain a crucial competitive edge in the marketplace. And more, for Bühler maintains partnership-based relationships with customers, who expect an integral range of products and services beyond the mere design and supply of feed production plants. Customized service packs, maintenance contracts, repairs, and training opportunities ensure that local plants are always operated with maximum economy and that they make products of high quality.

Formulated feeds produced on Bühler plant and equipment meet the most stringent sanitation standards, for only “safe feed” will ultimately allow also “safe food” to be produced. The plants are based on a modular design and can be customized so as to satisfy the individual needs of our customers as well as a vast variety of feed requirements for livestock and other animals – from dairy cows and poultry to pets, fishes, and crustaceans.

Business Area Value Nutrition


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