Electronic Materials

Powerful stimulus for the industry.

No other industry is shaped by ever shorter innovation cycles and enormous cost pressures as much as the electronics industry. Bühler offers broad spectrum of solutions: agitated media mills and roller mills as well as continuous and discontinuous mixing systems. Bühler has the technology to manufacture not only pigmented color pastes for LCD monitors and phosphor or glass pastes for plasma panels, but also precursors for lithium ion batteries. Metal and ceramic pastes for electronic components, solder-stop paste and adhesive components all the way through to materials for the solar industry are further areas of application. Depending on the application, the processing units of the machines can be equipped with wear-resistant materials –metal, plastic or ceramic. The high degree of automation ensures constant quality at all times.

With innovations such as the Trias™ three-roll mill or the MicroMedia™ nano-mill, Bühler has created a foundation to produce sophisticated products. These machines are optimally suited for clean room operation.


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