Brilliant solutions for a variety of applications.

Whether glossy automotive paint or weatherproof coatings for containers and ships – coatings are meant to protect as well as look attractive. OEM and refinish coatings, primers and fillers, electrocataphoresis coatings, marine paints, coil coating products, or paints and coatings for special applications such as industrial plants and structural steelworks – Bühler’s agitated media mills guarantee reliable and efficient production of products in a wide range of grain sizes.

Bühler mills for wet grinding and dispersing processes with optimised process engineering and energy concept, offer high power-density as well as large throughputs in relation to grinding volume. They are user-friendly and versatile in application. Bühler has the suitable solution for every need: from the full volume bead mill Centex™ up to the high performance Perl Mill™ SuperFlow™ for true grinding and nano-dispersing, from the PML 2 laboratory mill to the large-scale production machine Centex™ T5 or SuperFlow™ VCR 400.


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